In the Emporer's Name

These are a set of skirmish rules for games with roughly four to ten figures per side. The key design philosophy is KISS [keep it short & simple]. The idea being that the players can learn the rules in a few minutes and then get on with the fun of slaughtering one another. For example, the main rules for play take up just three pages (section 7.0).

The game is based in the Warhammer 40K universe. Each player forms a Retinue led by a heroic Inquisitor, a devious Chaos agent or one of a selection of other protagonists. They pit their forces against one or more other Retinues for possession of a chosen objective, or just for the rush of bloody combat.

A note for Warhammer 40K Enthusiasts: Despite some similarities these rules are not a sub-genre of 40K. They try to represent very small actions in the 40K universe, but in no way relate directly to any specific rule in that rule set.

A note on figure scales: Regarding figures, our assumption is that these rules will be used with 28mm miniatures. If using 15mm you may wish to reduce the movement rates to 4” normal and 2” if running. 54mm players might wish to double their movement rates to 12” normal and 6” running.

Designer: Craig Cartmell

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