This game is set in the future of 2030, during the Terrorist War. After World War 3, the dissolution of the American presidency led to the restoration of America as a colony of England, albeit a rather more sophisticated and widespread one. However, dissent was high amongst the old American population. Many sought to gain independence. However, rather than create a second War for Independence, the rebels created a widespread terrorist network known as the Children of Lincoln. They idolised President Lincoln as the first man to break America away from the English, and support for Lincolnism grew across the world. Finally, in May 2030, the Children of Lincoln usurped government installations in several parts of the world and launched a massive war between England, America and, through association, Russia.

Game synopsis In this game, you take control of either a force of INTSA Operatives, deployed covertly to infiltrate and destroy from within; a force of armed police and SAS to overtly break sieges with military force; a band of Russian Mafiya Gangsters, who supply the Lincolnists with weapons; or a group of Lincolnist rebels intent of a terror mission only they know of.

Designer: Ian Knight

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