Young man age of 23 who has been reading wargames since I was around 11. So pretty much 15 years. When I was 10 I made up my own rules before I even knew what wargaming was. It was really simplistic. Depending on whatever weapon your unit had you’d get a certain amount of dice and needed to get over 3. Each success count as a hit and your opponent needed to roll for each hit.Roll 2 dice and add any bonuses from your weapon. I of course used army men since I was a young child and would make terrain out of paper, flash cards, cardboard, and whatever I could make shift and get my hands on. When I got my hands on the internet well it opened me up to the world of wargaming as a whole. Eversince then I tried many freeware rules for all sorts of settings, timelines, and figurines. Each one I’d always use my trusty army men. I had them for pretty much every setting I can think of. Medieval, Prehistoric, Modern, and future. When I got a job at the age of 15 I bought a blood raven army to play wh40k at a hobby store. I’ve always been interested in making my own wargame/board game and although I made many homebrews and tweaked rules for the better usually, I've never made a full fledged rulebook. I’ve tried to make many table top games and I have a lot of things I'd like to get back to and work on to this very day.The biggest inspiration to this rulebook are from the love I have for these green plastic men, and the love I have for the army men series that’s pretty much discontinued for eons I know many people have good found memory for these toys and the series I mention a moment ago. I wanted to start my venture into creating tabletop games with the toy that started it all, and give it a proper full fledged rules and story these cheap little figurines deserve.

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