A comprehensive set of rules for the Seven Years War complete with player aids and charts.

These rules were derived from The War Game by Charles Grant and though not quite the same they are inspired by the thought of this great man. The intention is to develop a fast fun set of rules with no paperwork, readable in under an hour and of less than a mere 30 pages. I hope my small contribution provides something you will enjoy.

Players will find that the emphasis had been placed on the American War of Independence and American Civil War. This was done to get the particular troop types of that conflict vetted in these rules.

There is no reason why these rules cannot suffice for any European war of the same period. A basic set of war game rules must provide a vehicle for troop movement, a procedure for deciding combat and a method for accounting for the results of combat (casualties and routed units). Laid over all this, the war gamer must be confounded with command and control issues and logistics problems. All this must be done without unduly complicating the rule system and maintaining game playability and realism.

You will require one three foot measuring tape, one 10 sided die and two 6 sided dice per player to play this set of war game rules. You will need to make one artillery template as well. You will also require a game table, which is discussed below and finally, miniatures, which is discussed throughout.