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Hordes in the Nam
Designer Matt Kirkhart
Type of Game "Tactical" - Squads, Platoons and Companies
Type of Dice d6


Hordes of the Things() is arguably one of the most flexible rulesets for wargaming available. Initially designed as a set for fantasy gaming, players have adapted the rules for traditional historical wargaming including the Colonial period, World War I and II, and Modern warfare. The following is simply an extension of the flexibility of HOTT for wargaming the wars of the 20th Century in Indochina, specifically the French-Indochina War in the 1940’s through 1950’s, the American War in Vietnam in the 1960’s and 1970’s, along with the various border clashes throughout this period.

The following is only a HOTT variant. You will still need the HOTT 2.0 rulebook to play.

Some modifications and additions to the standard HOTT rules were needed to give a reasonable interpretation of warfare in Indochina, but the core of these rules is very consistent with HOTT. Efforts were made to balance the typical HOTT rules against capturing as much as possible the period details that capture the nuances of warfare during this conflict.

Special thanks to Riccardo Affinati for his De Bellis Vietnam rules which inspired this HOTT variant.



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