Anyone can edit this wiki. You do not have to register to edit, however, if you do register you can be accredited for edits. Regular and consistent edits may add to your priviledges.

For basic wiki editing visit the wiki help pages .

Important Rules For Editing

  1. Only free or demo rules may be added to the wiki
  2. No copies of commercial rules past or present may be added (unless with the authors consent).
  3. Every entry must have a contents and a link
  4. Variants of rules should be contained in the main entry
  5. Please ensure every entry has a category
  6. Photos are premitted if they enhance the entry.
  7. If a link is incorrect see if you can find a new link via a web search or failing that see if the Internet Archive has a cached copy.
  8. If no further link can be found by all methods then delete the page.
  9. Please contact Admins if unsure.