Hell In Miniature
Designer Martin Clark
Type of Game

"Operational" - Battalions and Divisions

Type of Dice Average die


These rules try to place the player in the role of Divisional or Corp commander, generally saddled with a bunch of troublesome, inept and downright worthless subordinates whose sole aim in life is to frustrate your well deserved victory. The game system is purposely designed to cause “friction” and generally prevent the big choreographed attacks common to most sets of rules. Couriers will get shot. Orders will be (wilfully) misunderstood. At some point you will get into a toe-to-toe shouting match with a subordinate who just point blank refuses to do what you want while a third of your force sits idle. A seemingly impregnable position will collapse before the charge of a gutted enemy who doesn’t know when to quit. I have never won a game using these rules, and they have proved to be a great system for ruining lucky dice. Enjoy it.



Rules (ODT): File:Hell_miniature.odt

Rules (PDF): File:Hell_miniature.pdf