My universal tabletop warfare simulator (read: war game system) is called The Hellion System, and it was designed to be as limitless and non-genre specific as possible. I personally like to use it for giant armored titans shooting and bashing each other to pieces, like you’ve seen in various Japanese animated series and movies. On a more personal level, it’s ideally suited for elite teams of power-armored Special Forces using small unit tactics to close with and destroy the enemy. Is it purely a sci-fi armor game? No! The versatility of the system enables players to field superhumans and battle psychics like those from comic books or movies. Likewise, historical or ancient fantasy battles can be fought. Battle magic can be used that rivals the most powerful particle beam cannons that science fiction can conjure. Perhaps more importantly, a universal system allows you to mix and match your forces, enabling you to go head to head against your buddy’s mecha team from another time period or genre, or his company of M-1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tanks, or an evil coven of battle mages. This tabletop warfare system was made from the ground up to accommodate every means of hellish warfare that man has come up with, along with the hundreds of those he has yet to invent.

Designer: John Bear Ross

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