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Go In and Sink
Designer Ian Shaw
Type of Game "Skirmish" - Individual Soldiers and Units
Type of Dice d20


These are a simple set of naval rules to cover naval warfare from 1950 ish to 1996 ish. In this period warfare has become very complex, with massive use of very sophisticated electronics, and various other types of detector. They have seen guns virtually disappear, only to reappear, as a local defence weapon, and an appropriate response to the growth of missile boats, capable of sinking all but the very largest of warships. The inspiration comes from that game "Sea Strike", which I think is still available. I've dispensed with cards, but the tables given have exactly the same odds as the cards do in the original game. The rules concentrate on the abilities of ships to operate their weapons, rather than the number of weapons actually carried, and this is where the electronics comes in. There are no strict scales, and ships can be represented by cards, as in the original game. There are some additional weapons systems covered, mainly heavy guns and vertical take off aircraft. This allows the addition of battleships, and aircraft carriers.



Rules Link One(odt):File:Seastrike.odt

Rules Link One(pdf):File:Seastrike.pdf