GEM is a generic miniature wargaming "engine". This means that you can use any of the minitures that you own. Their is a point system which (hopefully) gives balanced battles. Stats are customizable for whatever style of battle one wants. This requires more work on the part of the gamers than the average miniature game, but not being tied to one companies whims is well worth the effort. Play is designed on the fast and furious style, but also with rolling handfuls of dice. GEM is specifically for those who are sick of having new revisions of their favorite rule system leave out those great new miniatures they just finished painting. If all the commercial miniature systems have flaws which you really don't like, then GEM may be just what you've been looking for. If you've ever been bogged down in rolling and rolling with no resolution in sight, GEM is probably for you. Several other play options exist, for customization to a gaming groups own tastes.

However, if you want a completely designed miniature gaming world with hard-set rules and all kinds of wonderful illustrations and no end of supplements, then you probably should quit reading now.

GEM was written to be an easy to use, generic miniature combat system. No more adding, subtracting and dividing tons of numbers in your head to determine the results of a single combat. Any figure you can show up with can be used in this system only requiring a little creativity on your part. Also, designed into the system is the ability for the lowest of low figures to be able to wound even the most powerful. Odds are against this, obviously, but one gets what one pays for. A large amount of the work has gone into the point system to make it equitable and realistic.

The point system may seem confusing and unweilding at first, but once stats are worked out for a figure, it's not necessary again. The main point of it all is to play a game with friends and enjoy yourself, if you're not having fun--change the rules so that you are or get another group to game with.

In its current edition, GEM is for game designers who wish to twiddle with these rules and make changes and fix rules that are truly braindead. No detailed explanation of basic miniatures wargaming is provided. This is a BETA copy and probably riddled with omissions and errors. If you chose to continue, be warned.