While I like the WH40K universe I've never been entirely happy with the war-gaming rules. There were many fine ideas in WH40K Rogue Trader (WH40K-RT) but there was also obviously room for improvement in some areas. WH40K 3rd edition fixed some of these points, but also introduced some other rules that were not an improvement in my opinion. WH40K 5th edition seems to be an improvement, but keeps the legacy of some of the less than elegant 3rd edition rules such as Cover Saves. 6th edition introduces some new ideas but many players feel the primary reason rules are being changed is just to sell more rulebooks.


  • Introduction
  • Movement Rules
  • Shooting
  • Close Combat
  • Reactions
  • Psychology
  • General Ranged Weapons
  • Vehicle Rules
    • Bikes, Horses, Jump Packs and Flight Packs
  • Buildings Rules
  • Weather, Terrain and Environment Rules
  • Flier Rules
  • Robot Rules
  • Dreadnought Rules
  • Rules for Small Scale Games
  • Advanced and Optional Rules
  • Psionics

Designer: Scrapboard

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