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GRIT™ is a system of rules designed for tactical gameplay with 25 — 28 mm miniatures where each figure represents one person or creature. The rules can be used for scenarios where each player employs a single miniature, a tactical squad, or battle groups with reinforcements. Distances are presented in the form of inches with the scale 1" [2.5 cm] on a table-top or playing surface (if using Adventure Areas™ or other interior gameplay surface this is divided into 1" squares or hexes), equaling 5' [1.5 m] — all measurements listed in feet are relative to scale of the miniatures. GRIT may be used for solitary play or for two or more players — a Gamemaster (referee) is optional (employed for ‘double-blind’ games where players only place miniatures on the play area when they are in the Line of Sight of opposing figures).

GRIT was developed in response to a demand for miniatures rules that balance fast setup and gameplay with unlimited Action alternatives and roleplay style Characters that can develop their capabilities. GRIT Scenarios can encompass any genre or time period and make use of any style of miniature figure or terrain element. Victory Conditions, Scenario Complications, and level of realism and detail can be as simple or complex as desired.

Players have the option of basing Characters on a template, an existing roleplay Character, or generating an original Character with unique Stats. Characters can attempt any desired Action, and have the capacity to revive from unconsciousness, heal, and use any weapon or object.

Designer: Kevin Davies

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