Generic Outlandishly Big Spacefleets! is the game where you control vast fleets of vessels of all shapes and sizes, from nimble little fighters to moon-sized planetsmashers. Move your ships. Fire your weapons. Launch your torpedoes. And watch your enemies explode into brilliant flashes of molten metal! Everything a budding megalomaniac... err, defender of the galaxy... could want!

G.O.B.S.! is designed to allow you to build big, custom spacefleets and fight quick, explosive battles with simple rules and little or no record keeping. Just move, shoot, and (probably) explode. What could be more fun? Best of all, you can use G.O.B.S.! with any spaceship miniatures you like, from those expensive metal jobs to cheap plastic toys to scratch-built wonders made from household items. (Yours truly is contemplating a fleet made from seashells.)

So grab your spaceships, a load of dice, find a convenient table (or floor), and go at it!

And may the galaxy blaze with the glory of your forces!

Designer: Howard Shirley

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