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Full Thrust 2 has been one of the most consistently popular Starship Combat wargames around, ever since the first edition was published way back in 1991.

The rules set presented here, which we call FULL THRUST LIGHT, is a stripped-to-the-basics version that introduces the most important core rules of the game, and is ideal for getting new players into the system. FULL THRUST LIGHT uses only the simplest movement rules (for “cinematic” style play) and just a couple of the most common weapon systems. The “complete” version of FULL THRUST (currently in Second Edition with add-ons, which we refer to as “FT2.5”, with a Third Edition under development) introduces much, much more – loads more weapon options, defensive systems and screens, fighter operations, an optional “vector” movement system, and a complete design-your-own-ships construction and costing system.

Designer: Jon M Tuffley

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