Amazon Miniatures Our downloads page has free rules of all genres, also some fiction and useful fonts. Requires free login registration

DBA Lists Lists of armies for DBA.

Divinity: A roleplaying game This game is a tradional "pen and paper" game. It is a combination roleplaying/wargame with a universal setting. The site has a link you can join our discussion group and get a free PDF of the rules that we are currently working. Please see the website for game specific questions.

Free Late Medieval Period Skirmish Rules Three systems of varying complexity, but all easy to play. Designed around the use of large figures (the pics show a game using Schleich 1:20 scale); adaptable to smaller figures.

Free Wargame Rules in Italian Lot of free wargame rules in Italian and a few "unofficial" translations. "Linea di Fila" for large WWI and WWII naval battles; "Bassa Intensit" for modern low-intensity warfare all over the world; "Guaitana Capitano" for Italian East Africa colonial and many others.

Junior Generals Free rules and paper soldiers for kids and adults that like to keep it simple.

Le Mess Du Sgt Ligloo French website with many free French language rules.

Regles Wargames en Telechargement Gratuit Free Wargames Miniature Rules with French rules.

SOTCW - Old Site The old Society of Twentieth Century Wargamers web-site. Lots of free modern rules and articles.

The Perfect Captain's Homepage Free Miniature Rules and Campaign Games covering Ancient Greece, the Crusades Era, the Renaissance, AmRev, War of 1812 and The Russian Civil War. We put a high premium on historical flavour and professional looking graphics. We also have a regularly monitored forum to discuss our games at our yahoo group

Wargame Shop offers Free Downloadable boardgames and rulesets. If you are a 'Lord of the Rings' fan try or Middle Earth ruleset for 25/28mm miniatures or the Battle of the Ring boardgames.

Warpspawn Games A Warpgame is a subset of war games. These are NOT computer-based games!!! These are old-fashioned, low-tech, paper-and-pencil affairs requiring some modicum of imagination to play. Included here are the rules (and just the rules, ma'am).

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