Focused Firepower is a scenario-driven World War II tabletop wargame designed to be played with 1/72 scale miniatures, although the system works just as well with 28mm (1/56) models. We have endeavoured to offer an in-depth game system with the focus on realism, but the system we have developed is easy to learn and games flow well.

As a 1:1 system the models you have on the tabletop represent the exact troops and vehicles. The majority of other game systems use a more abstract method where one unit actually represents several, or where entire units are modelled on a single base and dealt with as a whole. We found that our method provides a more accurate and realistic impression of real warfare.

By focusing our game on realism we have found that real-world tactics work just as well on the tabletop and we highly recommend reading the fantastic range of WWII tactics books published by Osprey.

Core Rules: The core rules section of the site includes the files for the core rulebook, as well as the weapon crib sheets for all factions. The Core Rules section also includes the ‘points calculator’ document in case you want to use units and vehicle we have not yet covered.

ORBATS & Datafaxes: The sections contained within this header are dedicated to each of the factions we have covered so far. On each force’s page you will find the documents detailing their infantry companies and common vehicles.

Scenarios: This section of the website will detail example scenarios for you to try out and to give you inspiration for making your own scenarios. We plan to add more scenarios to this section in the future, but for now we have given the scenario we use for demonstration games.