The game has to be played with two teams in separate rooms, or at least sufficiently far apart that they can't overhear each other. You act as go-between and GM for the game. If there are a lot of players it might be better to run it with two Controllers.

The teams are :

  • The Space Explorers - who are, in fact Spanish Conquistadors (up to 4 players)


  • The Terraanians - who are in fact south American natives (up to about 6 players)

The scene is the arrival of the Spanish man o'war (=Explorer Starship) off the coast of a native village (= the Terrainian home world). The scenario is disguised as a science fiction 'first contact' situation so that we can explore the problems of cross- cultural communication.

The player briefings are full of sci-fi nonsense and buffoonery, which is explained in the glossary below.

Designer: Jim Wallman

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