FUBAR are a set of one page, fast play rules for small unit actions in a modern or SciFi setting.  Since their release in 2010 we have had over 3,500 downloads of the core rules and many more for the variant rules and force supplements.

These rules are simple to learn (usually after about 15 minutes of play) yet have enough tactical complexity to give you a fun and challenging game.




A little known fact about the FUBAR Modern/SF Rules for small unit actions is that they have a barbaric cousin – FUBAR Medieval.

These are rules for those who want a quick, yet savagely satisfying game involving a few handpicked warbands in a medieval (i.e. pre-firearms) or fantasy genre.

FUBAR 1066 and All ThatEdit

Supplement for FUBAR Medieval an exploration of the 9th-11th century in Britain. It involves Vikings, Saxons, Normans, Welsh, Irish and Pictish warbands vying for supremacy in this age of invasions.

FUBAR Artorius Rex 2nd EditionEdit

A delve further back to the chaos that followed the Roman withdrawal and the rise of a Warlord who would be later feted as Arthur, King of the Britons.

FUBAR The Seven Samurai 2nd EditionEdit

This Supplement is a chance to ride with the Seven Samurai. A full set of rules for warfare in medieval Japan. Not always historically accurate, but certainly in keeping with the films of Akiro Kurasawa.

The War of the Ring 2nd EditionEdit

Supplement for FUBAR Medieval that allows you to bring your warbands into battle across the latter years of Middle Earth in the mammoth two-page supplement.