Designer Morgan “the mad” Gilbert
Type of Game "Skirmish" - Individual Soldiers and Units
Type of Dice d6


This game needs playtesting! Unfortunately, I live in a fairly small town with no wargamers, so I've only been able to play half a dozen battles with friends downtown. Anyways, some people may wonder about the lack of vehicle rules, I decided to omit these due to balance considerations, these rules should be used for either indoor battles or low intensity combat.

Any ideas (complaints) praises (rants) or constructive thoughts (criticisms) are welcome. Email me at morgan_gilbert at hotmail dot com (with "Extreme Rules" as subject)

These rules are designed for any size miniatures, I haven't decided on a inch=foot ratio yet, and suggestions would be nice.

Each side should have about 8-12 figures, in fireteams/units. 4 man squads keep morale rolls quick and easy.

I tried to keep firing simple with the kill roll, allowing players only one roll, thus saving lots of time on the table. I also tried to keep the game rules on one page, mostly just to keep the game "quick and dirty".

Weapon fire being simultaneous, you might let one player make all his shots first, then placing chits on any "dead" figures, thus allowing them their shots, and removing any so-marked units after fire is resolved. More than two players might work, but it could make the firing phase confusing.



Rules Link One(odt):File:Extreme.odt

Rules Link One(pdf):File:Extreme.pdf