Rules For "Extermination and survival" a sci fi combat game similar to starship trooper movies. Join the yahoo group to get the rules.

I thought it would be helpful if I explain the concept behind this game. Roughly speaking the aim is to allow two players to play against one another a competitive sci-fi themed battle using models and miniatures.

All very well and good wouldn't you agree but where ive set out to make a major divergence from the normal style is to try to incorporate elements of not only the platoon level, squad level and individual.

The reason for this is where Ive learnt from military training is that a battle involves not just sets of squads or individuals desperately trying to get into the fight but layers acting around each other.

Furthermore what really drove me nuts about other games was the roll to kill that all other games seem to have. A few dice rolls and everything is dead whereas anyone who watches private Ryan just knows battlefields are filled with soldiers wounded or under shock and not fighting. But at the same time giving models lots of HP resulted less in gritty battles but tabletop dungeons and dragons.

So born was the game you see before you big battles many wounded models, layered like an onion and what i hope is a palpable sense of cinematic tension. Like the Zulu wars except with bugs space marines and more casualties

Designer: forgodkingandcountry

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