Entrenched is a tactical tabletop miniatures game focusing on the early years of the First World War (1914-1915). This game is created by Me (William Saull) and can be downloaded in the downloads section of the website (which can be accessed via the link below).


What base sizes do I recommend:


BEF infantry, Vickers MG team, 2 inch mortar team, Clay Kickers,Flag signaler, French infantry, Stretcher Bearers.

German infantry, Maschinengewehr 08 team, Kleif flame-troopers, Gas troopers, Stretcher Bearers


BEF officer, French officer, French Standard Bearer

German officer, Marksman


British Cavalry, 18 Pounder team*,French Cavalry

 German Cavalry, 15 Schwere team*

*(you may find that 60X60mm are more suitable because of the model size)