Eagles at Quatre Bras is a set of rules to give a napoleonic game on a hex grid, with units representing brigades and batteries.

Using a 4" hex tile, a gaming grid of 12 hexes wide by 9 hexes deep can be set up on a 4' x 3' area.

Features include a game clock that will infuence when reinforcements arrive and also control some aspects of the game, such as how long a unit must take to recover from a significant retreat result. Also the accumulation of heavy casualties gives emphasis to a player keeping a reserve of fresh units and highlights the valueof keeping guard units back until the critical moment in battle.

Command and control tests are widely used and units with heavy casualties and disruptions will find it harder to pass the test. An example would be units charged by cavalry take a test to go into square. If they pass they go into square, but if the fail, they still go into square but are disordered and take a heavy casualty marker - which represents the effect of the charge, the charge process then ends. These sort of mechanics appear throughout the rules.

The rules are available as a free download from Norm Smith [[1]]

There is also a free download Quatre Bras scenario to support the rules available from [[2]]