Dungeon World
Designer Stephen A Gilbert
Type of Game Skirmish - Individual Soldiers and Units
Type of Dice d6


These rules are for fantasy skirmish war gamers who like the idea of taking up table top gaming, but lack either the space to play a larger scale game, or who are reluctant to spend a king`s ransom collecting 28mm heroes and monsters. Larger scale dungeon games tend to look rather flat and slightly abstract, unless the collector is prepared to put in a vast amount of time and energy to make the game stand out above the norm. Well, with 10mm miniatures you can not only play highly satisfactory skirmish games on the size of a small coffee table, but you can also buy your entire resin dungeon and a complete collection of miniatures for far less money than it might normally cost you to purchase even one fantasy army using the larger scale miniatures made by most mainstream game companies.

Dungeon World is a rules system designed to allow players to use 10mm Pendraken Miniatures to conduct old school dungeon crawl adventures using heroes to battle terrible Monsters in the deep, dark places of the World. I wanted to make Dungeon World different than just any other set of table top fantasy rules; I always had the notion the Pendraken Miniatures 10mm Resin Mini-Dungeon could be so much more than just a nice looking toy. I wanted to create something that felt like an old school role playing game – but with miniatures added; and I wanted to make the game compact, portable, and playable on an ordinary household table.



Rules Link One: File:Dungeonworld 2.pdf

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