Doctor Who Miniature Game

64 Pages of critically acclaimed free PDF rulebook containing all the rules you need to play. The game is easy to play and captures the spirit of the series perfectly. The main rules focus on the classic series, 1963-89, and feature 6 scenarios and stats for 112 different characters. Play as the Doctor, his companions, the forces of UNIT or a host of supporting heroic models.

If you'd rather take your dark side for a spin, you can play the Cybermen, Davros and the Daleks, the Master, Ice Warriors, Silurians, Omega, Yeti and Zygons (to name a few!)

All you need to add are some models, dice and scenery. The game is supported by a host of extra PDF material. Click on the rulebook cover to download the PDF. If you're a fan of the new series, don't worry. The 9th, 10th and 11th Doctors all have their own PDF material available on their own download pages.

Designer: Graeme Dawson

Link to RulesEdit