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These rules are not meant to be a complete set encompassing all aspects of modern warfare. To give thought to such a feat is too mind-boggling to comprehend. DOGS OF WAR has been developed primarily to focus on a four–man fire team’s existence in modern day war. DOGS OF WAR is a realistic small unit action war game that is easy to learn and relatively quick to play, while containing the depth needed to meet the players’ desire for a realistic tactical tabletop miniatures game.

As for where and when DOGS OF WAR takes place. It is present day, and anywhere in the world you want to take your fire team and fight is up to you and your imagination. Collecting a large army is not necessary in order to play DOGS OF WAR. All it takes is a minimum of four soldiers to enter the firefight of your life. The standard fire team is derived from the U.S. Military Infantry Squad. For every squad there are three fire teams. In each fire team there are four soldiers: a fire team leader and three riflemen. An example of this would be the U.S. Marine Corps fire team consisting of the fire team leader carrying the M16A2/M203 Grenade Launcher, a rifleman with an M16A2 assault rifle, a Marine with a squad automatic weapon also known as a “SAW”, and another Marine with a M16A2 assault rifle as an assistant to the SAW gunner.


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