Dinosaur Cowboys is a fast playing (45-60 minutes) miniatures skirmish game of competing posses composed of up to 5 members and 1 dinosaur. Each character in the posse can be customized to fulfill a different role and purchase weapons and equipment from the many options available. Combat takes place in the futuristic landscape of the year 2285, where a supervolcano erupted and changed the course of mankind forever

Each player takes on the role of leading a Posse of characters (such as a sly gunslinger, a rich noble explorer, an old weary lawman, etc.) and immerses themselves in the futuristic world outlined below. Players can battle head to head in a standalone skirmish, or link their fights into an ongoing campaign woven with narrative, travel, exploration, purchases, and more. Players can choose different deployments, objectives, and features to ensure each skirmish is unique and fun. Posses offers a high level of customization including modifying statistics and buying various equipment.

Designer: Carlo Guglielmin

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