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Defiance is a miniatures battle game set in the Orion and Perseus Arms of the present day Milky Way Galaxy. It is here that the Vobian Hegemony, once undisputed masters of the known universe, struggle against the machinations of its former subjugates, the Meraxillan Sovereignty and Altai Realms, all against the backdrop of an extra-galactic invasion. Within this epic dynamic, the abducted colonies of Earth have coalesced into a Confederacy of States that for the first time suggests that Mankind itself will become ascendant.

Welcome to the Defiance™ Universal Skirmish System™, the game of near future and science fiction tactical combat that lets you modify or even create the strategic setting in which your battles will take place. With force sizes varying from one unit to several platoons, each trooper matters, and the correct combination of mobility, firepower, command and control is crucial to your success.

Designer: Demian Rose - MJ12Games

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