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This set of rules is based, very loosely on the Dam’d Battleships Again, a free set of rules by Phil Barker which covers naval warfare at the start of the 20th Century, before the advent of Dreadnought. These are both simple and comprehensive, down to covering the characters for Admirals. It was a period of rapid change, a ten year old ship was obsolete, indeed some vessels were obsolete before they were launched. This has decided the background for this set of rules, The “Honour Harrington” series by David Weber.

Why that particular series, well it follows some of my own ideas about space combat, and contains a manageable number of ship types. Ship power is related directly to ship size, except with fighters that are very vulnerable in the later novels. There is also a rational behind the stories, and quite detailed information on the various types of ship. I have added a few new weapon types, but these are only a matter of description, since the combat system concentrates on effect rather than technology

Designer: Ian Shaw

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File:Damn starships.pdf

Dam'd Star Ships Again Rules