DBA variant rules for WW2. 

The author has played this with 1/256th scale (micro-armour) miniatures based on 40mm wide BA bases. 15mm, 20mm and 25/28mm could be played with the same measurements but a larger table area (36”x36”) is recommended to accommodate the larger models and bases. 

The game is played with a force that is composed of 13 elements. Each force is determined by its nationality, division type, and time period. In each division list there are three categories: Required, Divisional Support and Army Support. Required elements (listed in regular text) must be in the force. Divisional troops (listed in italic text) are options that can be used to customize the force. Up to 6 choices may be taken from the divisional elements. Army support (listed in bold text) represents the assets of the larger force in the area that are used to support the division. Up to 3 choices may be taken from the army support. Remember that your force must consist of 13 elements.

A space that is 24” by 24” is good for 1/256th scale. This represents a much larger area geographically than the same sized board in a DBA game. This is due to the larger weapon ranges and mechanized movement and results in smaller terrain pieces. Theatres such as the Western Desert and the Russian steppes could be played on larger playing spaces (perhaps 36” x 36”) to simulate the vast expanses and importance of maneuver.