This is a tabletop based wargame to be played with 2 or more players (possibly 1 player soon.) I based the game engine on Games Workshop's Epic Armageddon but a majority of the rules have been ripped out and tweaked to make gameplay faster.

What makes my game different to Epic is that Formation based combat is only half of the game, the other half consists of territory, Tactical aids, and the all important money aspect. Most wargames revolve around capturing objectives that have little impact on the game other than to say "I have it and you don't!" The objectives in COW:G actually help your forces and you by providing bonuses and abilities as well as producing the all important money; M! Also, as with Epic, you control entire formations of troops and vehicles instead of smaller battlegroups and squads. This is where things take a different turn with this game; there is only 1 army! This army is split up into 5 Main Categories: Infantry, Armour, Artillery Support, Air Support, and Command. Each of these categories are split up into 10 further selections, and within these selections are a choice of 1-5 different types of formations of various stats, weapons, traits, and cost. It may seem too complicated given the massive array of choice available but when it comes down to it: You're army will suit You're playing style so many selections and categories could be missed out and attention focused on other formations. The selections in each of the 5 Categories are restricted by a set number of “Command Points”. For every set number of total points for a game there are only a few Command Points available. These Command Points are used to unlock units within the Category Selections enabling you to choose what army you can use. This game reminds me of a tabletop version of many strategy PC games I play such as; World in Conflict, Z: Steel Soldiers, Command & Conquer Generals,

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