Combat! Starring Vic Morrow! is a World War II squad-based skirmish game designed to capture the feel of World War II on the small screen. You control a Cast of veteran actors as the tackle plot points, use Screentime, and earn ratings as they battle across Europe towards Paris on the small screen. Expect light-hearted, cinematic fun as your heroes move through Episodes and leave a few Extras in their wake.

Combat! Starring Vic Morrow! is a individual model, small scale, WWII romp. It can be played solo, as part of a Season, with friends, or a variety of different ways. It is scale agnostic and works just as well with green army men, 1/72 scale soldiers, or action figures.

The design philosophy was simple:

1.Mechanics that capture the feel of WWII on TV

2.Players engaged in the action at all times

3.Campaign play with a linked series of games like a Season of TV

You can find the free rules to download here:

Battle Report Here: