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Chain Reaction - 3.1 Final Version is a set of man-to-man combat rules that can be played in a variety of periods and with any figures you may already have.

Games are usually finished in two hours or less, hence the company name. Chain Reaction, like all THW games, can be played solo or cooperatively.

Before we go into detail about the game let's explain the cornerstone of all THW, the Reaction System. Traditional games use a turn sequence known as “IGO, UGO”. This means that I move my figures, fire, we do some melee and maybe you do a morale test or two.

THW uses what is called the Reaction System. In this system your side activates and you move part of your force. That triggers a reaction from parts of my force. I immediately react and this may cause you to react in kind.

Sword Play[]

While our counterpart Chain Reaction is about modern firearms, Swordplay is about hand-to-hand combat with sword and shield .

It's an entry level, free look, into THW games, that works well for any period, including Fantasy, when it was all about swords, bows, and shield.

Swordplay gives you a chance to see if you like the Reaction System, before trying one of our period specific games. Think of SP 3.1 as a preview. The nice thing is it contains the same mechanics, but less detailed and period specific, of our other games

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