Take command of a squadron of flying battleships in the early days of the 20th Century. 

The Great Martian Invasion of 1875 was successfully thwarted not by the arms of men, but by the smallest lifeforms of Earth; Bacteria.  The defeat of the Martians left their great machines littered about the countryside.  Soon, inventive and daring earthmen were stripping them and trying to learn their secrets.  The technological boom of the late 19th and early 20th century was fueled by the skeletons of these fearsome machines. 

One of the greatest discoveries was the Air Screw.  Using a combination of wondrous technology battleships were no longer restricted to the sea lanes.  They could now take to the skies!  In a stroke, the navies of the world were made obsolete.  This heralded a new arms race between the Great Powers of the world.  Despite the Martian Invasion, the Great Powers eyes were firmly latched on the territory and wealthy of their terrestrial neighbors. 

On the eve of 1915, the Great Powers jockey for position amongst the clouds.  You can take command of a fleet of these flying battleships.  Using discipline, skill, and maneuver you can help your Great Power carve out a new colony for itself in the far-flung colonies of Earth.

This game features:

·         Ship vs. ship and/or squadron vs. squadron combat

·         Simple d6 based mechanics

·         Altitude matters

·         Commands

·         Fleet Lists

·         Scenarios

·         Campaigns

·         95 Page PDF Booklet