These rules are based around the Alien(s) cinematic hack fests; and includes as an optional extra a few guidelines for adding the Aliens Versus Predator movies into the mix. The rules work just as fine when played as a solo game i.e. with a single player pitting his or her wits against a randomly generated, dice controlled decision making Alien A.I. Bug Hunt is also ideal for one or more players (depends how many squads of Marines you use) versus a Bug Master (BM) playing the Alien Hive or Predator team.

The default game premise is that an elite unit of Colonial Marines have been sent to investigate a missing 'shake and bake' colony of Terra-Formers - all Civilians. Recently, 'The Company' has lost all contact with the colonists on LV-426, and the marines have been sent to check what has happened to them... really similar to the 2nd Aliens movie.

Designer: Stephen A Gilbert

Credit for these rules should also go to Pete Jones for the original game concept, a lot of which I used as a model to inspire me to write my own Aliens style game (and in places I borrowed mercilessly... with his permission). His friendly replies to my emails are always helpful and generous.

Note: Upgraded version to Is This Just Another Bug Hunt rules.

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