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BrikWars is an inventive set of wargaming rules for use with Lego. It supports anachronistic battles between differing tech levels, so you can play fantasy battles with, say, cavemen and cowboys versus pirates and construction workers.

BrikWars is designed to accommodate many levels of depth. The rules are divided into a series of 'books,' each book adding a new layer of depth and complexity. While BrikWars, in its characteristic freewheeling style, encourages you to change, ignore, and make up rules however you like, it can be a lot of work to wade through pages and pages of information, deciding exactly which rules to keep and which to toss. The book divisions make it very easy: each book represents an incremental jump in complexity, so by choosing a book to stop at, you can find your comfort zone very quickly.

  • The first book, Skirmish (Chapters One and Two), introduces you to basic combat and the basic selection of infantry weapons and equipment. This gives you enough room to set up a landscape and toss a few squads of Troops at each other. Once you've read this book, you've learned 80% of the game; everything else is just details.
  • The second book, Battle (Chapters Three through Seven), gives rules to let the Troops interact more fully with their environment. It also includes guidelines for vehicles and buildings, and the siege weapons you can use to arm them.
  • The third book, War (Chapters Eight and Nine), gives guidelines for including many types of specialized combatants besides the generic Troop.

Designer: Mike Rayhawk

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