BrickQuest (designed to be used with lego or similar blocks) is a game of small-scale fantasy combat similar to HeroQuest, Warhammer Quest, or MageKnight Dungeons. It requires at least two players to play and can be played easily by four to six players.

One player takes on the role of the BrickMaster. His job is to create, using construction blocks, a variety of dungeon rooms in which the game will take place, and creatures to inhabit them. Ideally these rooms will be modular so they can be added to the table one at a time as players enter them or get sight of them.

The remaining players will play heroic characters who enter the dungeon in pursuit of gold and glory.

Since BrickQuest is a boardgame, it uses a higher level of abstraction than roleplaying games. Rather than trying to capture all the nuances of fantasy combat, it uses simplified rules for quick and balanced play.

Designer: Peter F. Guenther

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