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BrickMech is a d6-based game where Mechs built of LEGO® bricks vie for ultimate control of the battlefield. Constructed in a unique modular system, Mechs can scavenge parts blown off other Mechs to improve their stats. The game is designed to be a rich gaming experience that's simple to play.

BrickMech takes advantage of the nature of LEGO® as a building toy, and allows players to scavenge parts from destroyed or damaged Mechs. To simplify this, a Mech is conceptualized as constructed from six components:

  • 1 Leg Assembly (mounted on a base)
  • 1 Torso
  • 2 Shoulders (right and left)
  • 2 Arms (right and left)

Objective: To be the player or team with the last unit standing. Individual games may be played with other objectives—destroying a target, gaining possession of something, protecting a resource.

Designer: Peter F. Guenther

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