6mm Minis Discussion of 6mm gaming

15mm Madness All things 15mm .. Napoleonics, 18th Century, Cthulhu Horrors, Scenery and Terrain, plus lots of great tips for period gaming and building excellent things on the cheap.

19th Century Sudan Wargames Armies A record of the building of British and Mahdist Armies from the war of 1883 to 1885 using 28mm figures.

28mm A Day A site for a married miniatures gamer to opine on various matters of various import

A Fistful of TOWs A blog for the modern miniatures wargame "A Fistful of TOWs"

A Near Run Thing A simple blog about wargaming activities and thoughts

A Pirate's Life For Me Pictures and articles on writers interests

Adelaide Gamer A dedicated gamer's view on games, gamers and gaming

Adventures with Gun, Sabre and Horse  A personal blog dedicated to toy soldiers, the world's most noble hobby; Colonel Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck, military history, and 19th Century Wargaming, 1854 to 1918

Aliesurfer Aliensurfer's Emporium of the Weird and Wonderful.

Alte Fritz Journal General Old School gaming site. [ Ardoberg-Holstein] 18th Century "Imaginations" Wargaming

Australian Napoleonic Kriegspielers  Napoleonic Kriegspiel blog

Battlefields and Warriors for gaming in small spaces

Battlegames By the author of Battlegames Magazine

Black Cavalier's Wargaming General info & various projects related to my wargaming.

Blogs of War A link to over 1,000 wargames blogs.

Bongolesia The African Nation of Bongolesia in the world of AK47 Republic

Bunker Talk  Historical Minature Wargaming, Military History, Plastic Army Men, Model Making, including terrain, military miniatures, figures, and vehicles. Topics will include toy soldiers from Airfix, Italeri, Esci, Revell, Pegasus, HaT, Odemars, Imex and vehicles from Roco, Trident and Fidelis Models; as well as wargame rules and game aids

Byzantine Warhammer Ancient Battles Army Documenting the building of a 2000 point army

Camp Cromwell This is a group of friends who play wargames in Tasmania

Chicago Terrain Factory Terrain and Modelling in 28mm scale

Colonel Marbles Miniatures Review Reviews new fantasy & sci-fi 28mmm miniatures using new-fangled video technology

Confessions of a Wargamer A blog about miniatures painting and wargaming.

Dead Simple Roleplaying Blog with free rules for an RPG.

Demitiris Blog A general wargames blog.

DwarfMan's Wargames Pictures of painted armies, links to historical websites, short figure reviews, and anything in between

Elianto e i Mondi Alteri Italian wargames blog (English text soon)

Emperor v Elector Being in the nature of a genial location for imaginary nations of the Eighteenth Century to carry out diplomatic affairs.

Fatgoblin's Ranting General wargames

Fields of War Blog for a playtest set of Fantasy rules

Fine and Dandy  Lace Wars blog

FG's Mini Review Miniature Reviews

Fog's Soldiers Fog' s Soldiers is a professional miniature painting service and a producer of high quality, handcrafted, scenery and model trains services. In this blog you' ll be able to find example of our painting work, news on our preferred games and painting guides.

Forward To The West Wargaming the Soviet Army in the Great Patriotic War in 20mm.

Freewargamesrules Ramblings on Wargaming by the editor of this site.

FSS I love the smell of resin in the morning

Gawd 'Elp Us Games A games design blog with both wargames and roleplaying rules.

Glenns Games A painting blog

Grimsby Wargames Grimsby Wargamers Site

hdan@mindsay General Gaming

Hilton Wargames A blog that covers the authors interests encompassing most periods and most weekends.

Huzzah This is the place to talk about the planning and execution of the Napoleonics game that will be GM'ed by Ed and Ray at Millennium 10 using "Wellington Rules"

I'd Rather Be Gaming Life. Work. Family. An Aussie Dad just trying to find time for his hobbies

In Her Majesty's Name Support blog for the rules by the same name by Craig Cartmell and published by Osprey.

Iago A wargamers journey - miniatures and wargames

Ians Modern and WWII Display This blog is designed to cover the display game we intend to put on at Gauntlet next year.

Invasion of The Living Dead Zombie blog

Junior General Historical gaming, miniatures, paper soldiers, and random nonsense

Kannonkreuz General wargames blog

Legatus' Wargames Armies Painted Minis

Little Lead heroes Interesting Items on Miniature Wargaming

Little Wars General wargames

Lonely Gamers WAB Ancients

Lonestar Historical Miniatures Club website

Lord Ashram's House of War A blog dedicated to wargaming.

Magnificent Little Armies: 10mm Wargaming This is a blog about painting 10mm wargame figures made by Old Glory (the Magnificent Little Soldier/Grand Scale range)

Mandarin's Manor Milton's Blog on his hobbies: Miniature gaming, painting, boardgaming in all its various guises.

Marching In Colour Professional full-time artist specializing in model soldiers. All scales and periods catered for. Available for commissions from a single model to a complete army! Also battle reports, projects, reviews and general gaming news.

Matakishi's Tea House Prolific wargamers blog with rules and games

MCristo by LaceW Devoted to the uneventful History of the fictitious Presipality of Monte-Cristo by the mid-18° century, and to boring logorrhean expectorations about fictitious wargame armies and their uniforms by the Lace Wars times. All texts herein are clumsy translations from Franco-Phocean gibbersish to pidgin English.

Meeples and Miniatures A podcast discussing Miniatures Wargaming and Boardgames

Megablitz and More Tim Gow's blog about his games and ideas.

Miniature General Musings of one man whose hobby happens to be miniature wargames

Miniature Wargames A blog about wargaming in Hong Kong.

Miniature Wargames A blog focused on Napoleonic Wargames, Uniformology and Scenarios.

Miniature Wargaming A general wargames blog with links to rules and articles

Miniatures4Sale A place where I sell and trade miniatures, and discuss my gaming projects [ Mr Furrow2u (+Jack&Amy)1500+] Dedicated to DBA15-19K, DBN, DBACW, DBC, HOTT, DBH and John Bull Rules

MurdocK's MarauderS An exposition of the Hobby of TableTop gaming

Musket Miniatures Blog Blog from Musket Miniatures

My Little Napoleonic Heaven A blog about Napoleonic Miniatures.

My Wargaming Corner A series of random thoughts on wargaming.

Normans of Stockholm This blog is about my miniature figures. Mostly Normans, Persians, Greeks and Makedonians

Northwest Historical Miniature Gamer Past president of the Northwest Historical Miniature Gaming Society

One Page Rules Fast and Simple wargame rules

Othismos Historical wargaming focusing on Ancient Greece and Persia during the 4th and 5th centuries B.C.

Panzer8 A place where you can find scenarios, gaming ideas, photos of miniatures, news and other ramblings about the Pz8 Two- Pages rules.

Panzerschreck Design Studio World War Two in 15mm and other gaming, minis and boardgames

Pioneer Painting A full time miniature painter and Wargamer

Planet Wargaming Ramblings about games with Toy Soldiers by Mike Lewis

Plastic Wargaming Wargaming with plastic figures

Pulp Friction Details of the writers pulp games and rules

Quinda Studios A general wargaming blog about painting, terrain building, rules, and anything else worth sharing.

Rolling Hills Gaming Club Club website

Saxe-Bearstein Being a record of an imaginary 18th century Germanic principality as relating to the design and construction of a tabletop army for gentlemanly wargaming

SESWC News from the South East Scotland Wargames Club

Shelldrake's Wargaming Blog This blog covers all the non-zombie wargaming of shelldrake

Shelldrake's Zombie Wargame Blog Dedicated to a Zombie Wargame Campaign

Shrimproll A blog about one of the great joys of life - collecting, painting and even gaming with top quality wargame figures

Silent Invasion  Miniatures & Model Making, Skirmish Wargaming, Historical Research, Airsoft & Reenactment 

SixTwentyEight This blog hosts my hobbies which are mainly Wargames, Miniatures, and History related. The name of the blog refers to the scales I have been gaming with so far, 6mm up to 28mm

Spartan Mercenary Warhammer Ancient Battles Army Recording the building of a Greek Mercenary force using a core of Spartan troops

Stopping the Red Tide Use my Free Supplementary rules with "Flames of War v3" and see how your version of the Cold War would have played out?

Strange Vistas Terrain discussion with examples of scratchbuilt items

SYW 6mm Researching, painting, and building 6mm armies in the Seven Years War

Tabletop Terrain Modelling for Mordheim, Warhammer Fantasy, 40K and Flames of War

Tabletop Wargames Blog A Blog about Wargames and wargamers

Tarleton's Quarter Wargaming the American War of Independence

The 6mm Republic of Prussia The imaginary historical records of the resurrected baltic state of Prussia. An modern miniature wargames campaign with battles fought in 6mm.

The Chronicles of Aeyr Being a noble compilation of the world of Aeyr, it's kings and heroes, it's legends and myth, of dark magick, and fell beasts. A fantasy miniatures wargames campaign of heroic adventures, great battles and dark dungeons.

The Comet Empire A Sci-Fi Wargaming Blog.

The Diceman Cometh This blog details the exploits of an average gamer with average painting and modeling skills. Hopefully you will find encouragement, inspiration, and some humor.

The Die Is Cast General wargames blog.

The Duchy of Alzheim Blog dedicated to the creation of my Seven Years' War Army in miniature

The Duchy of Saxe-Huack  The historical records of the imaginary 18th & early 19th century Germanic ducal estate of Saxe-Huack, the kingdom of Ostenburg and the city state of Bittburg.

The Electorate of Vulgaria This site is dedicated to my Seven Years War project

The Generals Tent For the authors favourite game systems

The Grand Duchy of Stollen, 1768 The continuing adventures of The Grand Duchy of Stollen, the Electorate of Zichenau, the Principality of Pillau-Zerbst, and their tiny plastic/metal warriors

The Hydra's Lair Images and thoughts from the sculpting desk of Hydra Miniatures

The Pewter Pixel Wars Miniatures and Computer wargames

The Raz File General wargames

The Revenge of Carlos Plynkes The ever-popular war game with songs, battles, and a few jokes

The Valeria Victrix My Imperial Roman Legion & Celtic Army Projects along with my interest in ANCMED warfare and Arthurian lore.

The Wargaming Addict Everything you wanted to know about wargaming but were afraid to ask. With a focus on strategy and tactics, we look at computer wargaming, tabletop miniatures, rules systems and historical scenarios - it's all here!

The Waterloo Campaign in Miniature A blog dedicated to Napoleonic wargaming

The War Store News News and happenings from the world renowned wargame store of the future

Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog News, pictures and reviews of Tim's games

Tiny Tin Men A Wargamers blog

Travels with a Rogue A small piece of the web dedicated to Gen. Mikhail Skobolev (the White General), toy soldiers (any period), history, politics and books circa. 1850-1900

Wab Ramblings General wargames

WAR of 1812 Wargaming Developing new rules for the War of 1812 Dedicated to WAB and WECW

Wargames Painting and Modelling Free magazine download from this site on painting

Wargamers Workbench A blog about one British wargamers long obsession with having great ideas, buying far too many figures then trying to muddle through and figure out what to do with them all.

Warmacre Blog from warmacre producers of Hour of Glory

Wee Toy Soldiers Just an Average Hobbyist with Average Painting Skills Having a Go at It

Wills Wargaming Blog Will talks about his plastic figure projects.

Yours in a White Wine Sauce Victorian Science Fiction Wargaming