Blasted Planets Skirmish game rules - Not hard environment set of Sci-Fi rules. Visit the game page and scroll to the bottom.

Designer: Lance Runolfsson

I initially imagined a universe shared with a great amount of mutual hostility by sundry Humans, Aliens and Mutant Hybrids that had been created through Genetic engineering, to be optimized for different environments and tasks. I wanted to populate this universe with things that were Weird, Goofy or Cool or any combination of the three. Of course any explanation you come up with for the way you personalize the figures or combination of figures you use in a game is just as valid as any anyone else comes up with.

I tend to have two major categories of things Terrestrial or Earthlike things and Alien, things that do not immediately fit a terrestrial frame of reference for an intelligent being. Of course even the Alien things often have many earth-like features. Generally speaking they are mostly humanoid; walking upright on two legs with two arms and a head. And I have a hard time thinking beyond tentacles and claws springing out of torsos. That?s Ok, it fits in with most of the Sci-fi movies I have watched and books I have read.

Generally speaking I get an idea of what something might look like then I make it. Quite often this is not a complete model I might just have an idea for a head or a weapon, Body or legs. How these things fit together may take some time for me to figure out. I can have a lot of fun trying different heads on different bodies. One of the ideas here is that through use of different heads on different bodies one can come up with a great variety of "Races" and or subspecies. This is why most of the figures have separate heads. I like putting animal and alien heads on human bodies but not so much putting human heads on animal or alien bodies. But that is just personal preference. One way I like to differentiate units is by using different heads for different units; Dog men, Cow men, Rhino men. I like the way the Rhino head looks on the Gator bodies but have yet to do a unit or even a character that way. Another thing with those heads, by turning the heads different directions it is really amazing sometimes how much you can change the basic look and feel of a given figure.

So have fun with them. There is no one telling you that you have to buy a particular figure to be competitive in next weeks game. Or that you can't have Gator headed cow guys in your army (or cow headed gator guys). Or that only Arcturian Tree Frogs have developed Teleportation beyond 50 meters range. Just have a blast!

Lance Runolfsson, March 2006

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