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A tabletop horror survival wargame.

Setting: Modern

Year: 20XX

The B10 virus rampages across the globe, cause and origin unknown. Government Systems break down as the violence spreads, populations begin to panic. The coalition forces are deployed into the hot zones to stem the tide of the zombie terror. The forces deployed are almost wiped out to the man, leaving the civilian populace to their fate with no relief in sight. As a last ditch effort, lost sections of the world are nuked to hold back the infected. The B10 virus mutates into different strains infecting more than just humans, worse mutations take place in areas of high radioactive fallout. The company appears to be suspiciously unaffected by the viral outbreak and are showing up more and more, well armed and in force. The company kills indiscriminately between infected and survivors making their true intentions suspicious. Survivors have it the worst, limited weapons, limited supplies, they tend to stick together and run when things go wrong. The Coalition marshals their forces using two operational bases: an abandoned oil rig with a aircraft carrier and the old Cheyenne Mountain while trying to discover and extinguish the source of the outbreak before there is no hope left.

Designer: Paul Murphy

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