Battleshift is a game of mass starship combat. It is being designed to allow players to run hundreds of ships on the table in a two to three hour game. Ships have enough detail to make them interesting and distinctive, but not so much that they each need record sheets to keep track of them. This should allow small games of a dozen ships per side to be played as enjoyably and effectively as giant games.

Battleshift refers to starships shifting in and out of hyperspace during the battle. Though it is a staple of sci-fi, few games really let players use hyperspace tactically. With good planning, squadrons and taskforces can leap from one part of the battle to another, escaping from certain destruction or closing a trap on an enemy taskforce.

Designer: Thane Morgan

Link to RulesEdit

Only the 1.07 version rules link appears to work - other links are okay:

Backup stored on freewargames just in case File:Battleshiftrules1 07.pdf