BOW (Bricks Only Wargame) is a wargame system for LEGO® bricks. Of course it's not the only one (not to mention the most popular Brikwars), but maybe it's the only one which requires only LEGO® bricks! If you play BOW you won't need any paper, pen, ruler and not even a dice. All this material is replaced by LEGO® bricks.

I tried to keep the rules of BOW as simple as possible in order to allow young players to have fun with this wargame. I also paid attention to make the learning time very short with few basic principles, intuitive rules and the less special cases as possible. This wargame system is better suit for small batlles and will be great for role playing games but I guess we can also play big confrontations. BOW can be played in many universes as long as you have to move minifigs (medieval, space, World War II, starwars...), but may be boring if you have to deal only with big vehicules (pirate ships, mecha...).