This cross-system allows the GM to use Axis and Allies ™ to track the course of the war for a Weird Wars: Blood on the Rhine ™ campaign. It essentially forces the player characters to race against time to stop the Axis powers from conquering the world.

The player characters each wear two hats in this campaign. They act as their own characters in the role-playing game, but, in the Axis and Allies game, they also act as Allied Supreme Command, and play the U.S.S.R., U.S.A. and U.K.. The GM plays the Axis powers. The rules of Axis and Allies are modified such that the campaign becomes heavily weighted in favor of an Axis victory. The player can thwart this by successful role-playing adventures.

Designer: Unknown

Link to RulesEdit

ODT: File:Aanda secret.odt

PDF: File:Aanda_secret.pdf