This Miniature game is based off of the story Astral Dreams (copyright © 2002 C. Gerard Luft). The game mechanics herein are derived from the Open Gaming License of the D20 Systems Reference Document.

Designer: C. Gerard Luft


In the hundred and sixty-fourth millennia after the birth of Christ, mankind had only just discovered the power that lies in the quantum universe. Humanity was dependant on the Hyperspace/ Time Continuum for its pan-galactic empire. But the discovery of the Calabi-Yau continuum meant that man could finally reach out to galaxies other than his own. But it would take another hundred millennia before the Quantumliners could safely navigate the six extra-dimensions of the Calabi-Yau Universe and make the Hyperspace Drives obsolete.

But one man would not wait. The first use of the artificial wormholes that were constructed along the superstrings of the quantum dimension was for intergalactic listening. Pesrume Ladek, the greatest cyberneticist mankind had ever produced took a humble assignment at an Imperial Intergalactic Listening Post. He used the station’s mainframe to download his mind and soul into a complex algorithm and transmitted it through the local wormhole to God knows where.

It is now the dawn of the five hundredth millennium since the birth of Christ. The Empire of Man has reached out into the intergalactic depths of space, and a lost son has been found…unfortunately. The great Quantumliners of the Scouting Guild has encountered an artificial species completely inimical to humanity. Each alien robot is directly controlled by a single artificial intelligence known as Ladek! The twisted, disembodied mind of the former human scientist now lords over these automaton artifacts of a long extinct race. They have invaded every galaxy controlled by man’s glorious Imperium, and have begun a systematic extermination of every human life it encounters. While the Imperial Navy and Marine Corp defends the home galaxies against the attacks of these monsters, it falls to the Scouting Guild to hunt out and destroy Ladek units along the Imperium’s frontier worlds.

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