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Armoured Clash - FSA-v-EotBS-land-2.jpg

Armoured Clash is an exciting miniature wargaming system set in the Victorian super science fiction world of Dystopian Wars. The game depicts truly massive battles, pitting tens of thousands of men mounted in their colossal fighting machines against one another in an epic, fast and furious game to decide the future of civilised world.

Opposing armies of gigantic steam powered fighting machines tear across the open country, their tracks leaving fissures in the ground below them. As they come together these great war-engines open fire, letting loose enough ordinance to level an entire town in a heartbeat.

The bloodiest, most devastating conflict in the history of mankind rages in every corner of the world. Each of the Great Powers has mobilised its Land Navy and is prepared for total war. It is time for the Armoured Clash!

Designer: Spartan Games

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