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Angels and Bears
Angels and bears cover.jpg
Designer David Child-Dennis
Type of Game

"Skirmish" - Individual Soldiers and Units

Type of Dice d6


In the 1980’s the most powerful air forces and naval fleets in the world prepared for World War Three. Thousands of ships, submarines, and aircraft constantly patrolled the globe, rehearsing what could have turned out to be the most technologically advanced war in the history of the world. In the end, however, the Russians and their allies blinked, ending in the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Warsaw Pact.

For gamers, however, this was fertile ground and hundreds of board games, rules, and miniatures emerged to cover these potential conflicts. One of the most fascinating, but hard to simulate/game areas of a potential WW3 conflict was modern naval combat. With missiles, helicopters, aircraft, submarines, and a wide variety of ships, it is easily the most complex part of an air, ground, and naval global war to simulate.

Several board games (i.e., Fast Carriers, Seapower & the State, Victory’s Fleet series, etc.) did a good job of modeling modern operational combat, but miniatures rules for this era were few and far between. These ranged from the complex (Harpoon 4) to the very simple that appeared as one or two page articles in gaming magazines. However, gamers love to use their miniatures and want to play a modern naval game scenario without needing a degree from Annapolis, thus Angels & Bears was born.

A&B is designed to let gamers launch airstrikes, engage in desperate battles with a carrier’s CAP, fire large salvos of surface to surface missiles, and get it done in an evening’s worth of gaming. So now it’s time to turn back the clock to the 1980’s when superpowers almost came to blows with the most powerful forces ever seen.



Rules Link One:File:Angels and bears.pdf