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Alienstar World War 1
Alienstar ww1.png
Designer Alienstar Publishing
Type of Game "Tactical" - Squads, Platoons and Companies
Type of Dice d6


For the period 1914 to 1918 using 2mm to 1/35th scale. These rules are more general and careful in their approach to weapon performance, do not use one model equals one real tank/weapon or man. They do not use an alternate move fire system, where a coup-de-grace can be delivered without a single shot being returned. They can be played in real time or faster, and you can easily use a division or corps. It is only at high level that an army’s true strength and weaknesses can be found and exploited. The rules ignore the minutiae characteristics of equipment ignored by real life troops. These rules focus on real life men and women and the equipment they use and how they use it not the other way round.