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Airwar Vietnam
Airwar vietnam.jpg
Designer David Child-Dennis
Type of Game

"Skirmish" - Individual Soldiers/Units

Type of Dice d6


The air war that raged over Vietnam from 1965-1972 saw the introduction of several new aircraft, SAMs, air to air missiles, and large scale air combat operations.

From the first airstrikes with F-105 Thunderchiefs going up against Mig-17s to later in the war when F-4s fought Mig-21s, there was no shortage of air operations. B-52 strikes, close air support by Skyraiders, CSAR missions, carrier strikes, etc., were all features of this war. The Vietnam war also saw the large scale introduction of SAMs, electronic warfare, TV guided weapons, and resulted in the creation of the Top Gun program to hone the dogfighting skills of U.S. pilots.

For the wargamer, the Vietnam air war offers ample opportunities for designing scenarios. From MIGCAP missions over Hanoi to taking out SAM systems with Wild Weasel aircraft on Iron Hand missions, there is a massive environment to create your own missions. Air War-Vietnam is the second game in an air combat series (the first was Air Combat- Korea) designed for wargamers who wish to fight these famous air campaigns. The rules are set at an introductory level and are ideal for large groups or those gamers who don’t wish to read an aircraft operating manual to learn how to fly jets for a few fun-filled hours.



Rules Link One:File:Airwar vietnam.pdf

Rules Link Two:File:Airwar vietnam markers.pdf