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Airwar Korea
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Designer David Child-Dennis
Type of Game

"Skirmish" - Individual Soldiers and Units

Type of Dice d6


Air combat rules for 1/600, 1/300 and 1/144th miniatures for the Korean war 1950-1953.

Although jets were used in WW2 and most major powers had developed them by the end of the war, there were no jet vs. jet dogfights. After the war the U.S., England, and Russia frantically improved their engines and airframes, setting the stage for what would be a continual arms race for the next forty or so years.

The Mig-15 came as a shock to Western air forces when it made its debut over the skies of Korea at the start of the Korean War. The first jet to jet dogfights took place with P-80s, F-2 Banshees, and F-84s dueling it out with Mig-15s as North Korean forces attacked down the Korean peninsula, then during the disintegration of those
same forces with the UN counterattacks.

When the F-86 Sabre entered combat it completely changed the game and set in motion the classic duel between the Mig-15 and F-86 for the next few years.

Airwar Korea is an introductory level air combat set of miniatures rules that recreates these legendary duels. Players can use F-86s, Mig-15s, carry out ground attacks, and basically any type of mission that was used in the Korean War.

Airwar Korea enables gamers to read through some basic rules, set up a game, and conclude the game in a few hours without having to learn 50+ pages of rules and dozens of charts.



Rules Link One:File:Airwar korea.pdf

Rules Link Two:File:Airwarkorea markers.pdf

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