5 Card Poker Western
Designer Tony Nygren
Type of Game

"Skirmish" - Individual Soldiers and Units

Type of Dice None


This is a simple fast play tabletop skirmish game of the old west, with only a handful of cards in your hand, to use for various tasks. The game is played in turns with players acting and interacting with each other, until they have played out all their cards. Then they draw five new cards and start all over again.

To play the game, you need three sets of ordinary playing cards, mix two decks with 4 jokers this is the player deck. And one without the jokers, this is the wound deck. Terrain, figures, and paper and pencils. The game is now set for 2 -12 players. Before the game starts, all players are dealt five cards and three poker chips; these cards are used to do various actions, such as move, shoot, defence, reload, pickup/drop, etc. Players look at their cards and plan accordingly, and then the first turn begins. At first, all players decide if they want to buy new cards, by using one of their chips. Remember that once you have used up these chips, you cannot buy new cards! One chip can buy one up to entire hand.



Rules (ODT): File:Poker.odt

Rules (PDF): File:Poker.pdf

Soldier Sheet (ODS):File:Soldier.ods

Soldier Sheet (PDF):File:Soldier.pdf

Brave Sheet (ODS):File:Brave.ods

Brave Sheet (PDF):File:Brave.pdf